Goodbye Shakespeare

It’s been almost a year since we started writing this blog. It has rained and snowed a lot and we have shared many bicycle stories from dark and smelly cybercafes along the Silk Road. We enjoyed it a lot as long as we knew that others enjoyed it as well reading us from home.

At this point, having completed the first part of the trip, we think that is a good moment to take stock, polish some edges and change a bit some parts of the workflow we have been using so far.

This way we have decided to stop translating into English in order to have extra time to spend on other matters such as photo editing, uploading and some mantaining tasks that our site requires.

Thanks for having followed us throughout this time. We hope that you continue enjoying our photos and, of course, we will be very happy to share all the recent and old stories with you in front of a cold beer wherever we meet.

Thanks for pedal with us.